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  • Description
    • Welcome to the old games shop. We have 20 old-school games in our store. I think, that some young players don't remember
      some of this games. Choose one of the games in the store and have a fun! For more fun, try to collect all awards!

      List of mini-games:
      1) Battleships - use gun for knock all opponett ships. Ships placed on the battlefield center are used for obstacle. Don't allow opponent knock out all your ships.
      2) Darts - pick the dart from the table. Drop the dart to the target! Drop power increased while mouse button is pressed.
      3) Driver - you must drive on the circle race. Speed is increasing on each completed lap. Game is over during a heavy blow.
      4) Shipman - same as driver
      5,6,7,8) Wide screen games simulator (Eggs, Chef, Octopus, Space bridge)
      9) Bugs races - select one from 3 bugs and wite while one of them complete race
      10) Bugs attack - use sponche for pizza slice defence
      11) Maze - so fast as you can move ball to the maze center
      12) Maze with holes - move ball to one of maze holes. You get as many points as written bellow it.
      13,14) Video games Galactico and Ping-Pong
      16) Chapay game on the checkers board. Push red pawns to knock all white pawns over the board.
      17,18,19,20) Mini-pinball games boards - drag the spring for shot making.
  • Instructions
    • Choose one from all proposed games in the store and play it. For control use only mouse!

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