The Space Game

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  • Description
    • Defend your space mining outpost from attack by pirates! Use tactical lasers and missile structures to defend your operation and repair drones to keep you in the fight for longer but without a well designed energy network your base could fall to one of the 6 enemy fleets: fighters, missile corvettes, swarmers, o-rings, mothership carriers and kamikaze. Built in tutorials and an atmospheric sound-track bring this game to life for seasoned RTS players as well as those new to the genre.
  • Instructions
    • Use the mouse to select and build structures. Click on a structure to access upgrade information. Keep an eye on your power requirements!

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One Review to The Space Game

  1. Új blog: « Dobos Bence on November 8th, 2010 9:12 pm

    […] Heti pár alkalommal Ă­rok a blogba hosszabb cikkeket, vagy heti ötször rövid ismertetĹ‘ket. CĂ©lom továbbá, hogy a rĂ©gebbi, talán kevesek által ismert játĂ©kokat is ismertessem. Na nem 8-bites játĂ©kokra gondolok, hanem olyan, maximum 2-3 Ă©ves, online vagy letölthetĹ‘ játĂ©kokra, mint a  MECI, Gamma Bros, Dino Run Ă©s The Space Game. […]