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  • Description
    • A mercenary or a hero rises to save the empire. A Paladin, a Ranger or a Mage, your team has the difficult to task to fight thiefs, barbarians, assasins and mages to keep the peace in the Empire.

      The game is expansion of the King's mercenaries. The game contains 8 missions total.

      Major changes :

      Game :
      Added more game options, 3 missions , black knights, barbarian brothers and the xanthar the demon lord.

      Items :
      All potions are instantly consumed. More premium items.

      Characters :
      Paladin - mass healing and cleanse.
      Ranger - more deadly arrows.
      FireMage - powerfull heatblast deflecting projectiles
  • Instructions
    • use WASD for movement
      QER for skills
      1234 for potions

      attack mouse first button

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