Suicide SHEEP

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  • Description
    • Angry terorist is trying to destroy the world by mounting a huge dynamite on the sweet, little sheep and transforming it into a Suicide Sheep.

      The survival of the sheep is in your hands! Try to rotate the maze clockwise or counterclockwise and get the suicide sheep into the hands of bomb defuser. This is the only way to save the WORLD and a sheep.

      Only the chosen ONE (with highest IQ) can complete all the 25 levels :)

      Completely new GAMEPLAY !
      Interesting and challenging
      Need of thinking and reacting FAST

      -25 challenging levels (Only the smartest ones can complete them all)
      -Bombs, and gravitation inverters.
      -Completely FREE

      Folow us on:
      -Official website:
      -YouTube: er/SuicideSheepGame
  • Instructions
    • Try to rotate the maze and get the Suicide SHEEP into the hands of the Bomb Defuser

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